Poem -

Seeking shelter

Seeking shelter

Candles are cheerfully glowing thru the windows in shining bright
Such a welcoming invitation this cold chilly night

I wonder would they greet her if she turned up at their door
This poor lonely lamb is suffering, her soaking feet are sore

Saturated from the worn-out gaps in her second hand shoes
They are a size too big for her but she didn’t get to choose

Oh how did she end up like this her happy days have slipped away, alas she couldn’t afford to keep the rent up without a job she had no pay

So shivering she snuggles into her scruffy sleeping bag, she feels nausea from scraps she scavenged from beside a bin, she wants to gag

Alcohol is her only comfort
The vodka bottle lay beside her on the ground, she had drank it dry two hours ago when company was around

A couple of other vagabonds had kept her company as they drank their hands were shaking
Yet this tipple was a tonic, it helped alot to ease the aching

Not a habitat for the faint-hearted, hanging around outside in pain
Seeking shelter to stay the night when it’s teaming down with rain


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Cherie Leigh

Oh! What a sad situation....No one should ever be homeless and left on the street....There is no excuse...We are all responsible for each other.  When will we learn to see our fellow man as invaluable and a part of ourselves?  Very sad...I felt her loneliness, cold and pain for her hard life situation...It can happen to any of us at any moment, and we should not take for granted a roof over our heads for sure!  Great message of awareness. xo ;)