Poem -

Seems Like Yesterday

All Because Of You

Seems Like Yesterday

Our baby boy, dressed in blue.
I held you tightly in my arms.
I knew the minute you were born,
I fell in love with you.

Sitting here son,
fond memories come to mind.
Skating on the rink,
we sure had lots of fun.

Remembering, truly is the best.
The day you decided,
travelling was meant to be.
On board a train, travelling west.

Will soon travel to see,
those rocky mountains you talk about.
The wonderful life your living,
where you want to be.

Your wings came fast.
For us it seems like yesterday.
Its hard to believe your a grown man,
while we sit and think of goodness in the past.

Blessings for me,
are the simple things in life.
The ability to remember,
most of all friends and family.

Life goes by fast,
make every memory wonderful.
Your children are only young
for a short time, make it last.

Blessings to all.




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