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Sending You A Message

Sending You A Message

 I'm sending you a message 
I'm not sure you want to hear, 
I'm sending you a message 
About ANGER About FEAR.
I sent you a message of how you made me feel ,
And no matter of the bad times I would always LOVE YOU still.
I use to think you were listening, I use to think you cared ,
Then one day I turned and looked ,and saw I was ALL ALONE and SCARED.
So when I saw you again I watched you with ALL MY HEART,
And as I listened ANGER begin to build, all the while being torn apart. ....
I tried to fight the hurt inside and the ANGER I had for you, 
But as times got harder on my end "YOUR" Promises to be there NEVER followed through. 
Why,  O, Why do I cry and allow myself to be Hurt and Abused.....
by :Jerroldine Crystal Montaño 5/2017 

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Dean Kuch

Why is it we cling so tightly to those we know bring out the worst in us, Jerroldine, and vice versa?
Is it the element of danger we crave--that tell-tale adrenaline rush?
That's hard to say, really, but it happens quite often.
Nicely written, obviously driven by true emotion.
Welcome to Cosmo.
~Dean Kuch

Tony Taylor

Hello JERROLDINE!!.....I agree with everything Dean has said..... this is definitely coming from a fountain of emotion!!......VERY moving dear poet sister!!.......ALL STARS!!...... well done..... and..,..., WELCOME to COSMO!!...... LOVE and ROCKETS!!.......T xo 👍👍👍