Poem -

September Spiders

September Spiders

The plankton of the land
Grass, tree and flower pollen
Gluttonous feeding frenzy 
Hunger long forgotten

Grown fat from gorging 
On plump, ripe, rich insects
The summer's bounty consumed 
No remorse, no regrets

Spinning silk words
Without alcoholic lubrication 
Traveling without a passport 
Yet somehow, abroad on vacation

Glistening in the moonlight 
Wallowing in the webs we have spun
Ignorance is bliss...
Aware, yet not concerned 
For the harsh winter spells death
And is certain to come

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Cherie Leigh

Hi Syd...Oh what a web the spider weaves....acting on impulse and the natural survival techniques it is given to build its cycle in life...and not aware of its own impending demise come winter.  It seems it does its purpose in life without worry, and I wish I could be more that way...minus eating bugs and gorging on blood...lol..I enjoyed.  Thanks for sharing. xo ;) 


Lol thanks for reading and commenting Cherie, I always appreciate your comments. This poem was actually inspired by walking into a large spider web just under the brick archway to my garden...and I intertwined that with my life.

Thanks for stopping by.

Hope you're keeping well  - Syd xo 

Nigel Cresswell

Ah, mate I love spiders, I have some fantastic photos of my garden diadem spiders from my garden. That said mate you might like to Google Spiders on drugs and see what comes up.
Great write 


Ha ha thank you Nigel. I think I have seen spiders trying to spin webs while high before. I think it was on YouTube. 

Thanks for reading and commenting.

Glad you like this one - Syd