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I'm starting from nothing coming up to something and stating my feeling thru these raps and

If you throw shade I hope you die from the edge of a blade
Listen to these rhymes if your a fan than your my fam if you a hater I'm gonna go ham

  So just listen to em I know you'll love em you'll pump this music thru your speakers
 This music will make you dance right outta your brand new sneakers
 I trust if your white trash just like me then you'll pump my songs till they are gold
  And never let them rust I'm taking the thoughts in my head and spinning them
 Till there gold I'm not being bold I'm just the rumplestilskin of rap turning words to
 Gold this game will never get old some of the people in the rap game there songs

  Sound like they are screwing virgin goats but me and the underdogs just like me

  Are connecting castles and merging moats I go to a private school but I feel like a

  Kanivin fool my teacher hates me because she doesn't understand I'm an artist

 And when I'm jotting raps instead of learning how to read maps she gets upset but she can die

 By the edge of a blade cuz I don't screw with haters who throw shade

 My life has always been up and down but I have lived it all with a frown

 Till one of my friends introduced me to Christian rap my parents were against it
But I woulda threw duces to listen to that crap but look where I'm at now.
  I'm starting from nothing coming up to something

When I was little my faggot father introduced me to Eminem turns out that was risky

Because slim is my hero he is my favorite mc I don't care if you see him as

¬†inappropriate his words are always omnipresent‚Äč
One day I want my rhymes to be some famous they will be on the tags of presents
But I'm from a little town named Morgantown where nothing big as ever went down

 Where everyone hates rap because they think it's straight from hell but oh well I'm
having a whale of a time writing my rhymes tht are gonna get me in Time magazine

 But to all my friends I'm lame as a broke down limousine but that's ok I'm

 I have a colorful like personality like foreign cuisines eventful fatality
But when they are being cocky and think they can spit they challenge me

But I kill there dreams of becoming an MC but I'm rappin online

Against guys who are just cruisin but i leave em to die from lyrical brutality

 I might be a rapper but you will still catch me every Sunday on the back row
At church praisin the Lord freestyling in my head while the choir plays the
Holy chords but when I get home it's back to the pad writing some raps
Everyone says it's unholy music but it depends on how you use it
¬†I've never worked this hard at anything and‚Äč I'm not gonna abuse it cuz this

 Is my release from the real world all the haters on my back but they don't know jack

 Because hechos is back with this single with other people I just don't mingle

 When Kris Kringle came down the chimney I lit the wood on fire with gasoline  
 and then we had  Roast beast like lil Cindy in whoville chilling with the gay Grinch

  Who keeps a bottle of vasoline for when he screws his dog up the butt
 When he tried it on Cindy she used the way of the wrench and
 Killed the queer Grinch then she wiped the blood off the with bleach then threw it

  In the water off the pier at the beach but don't worry that didn't actually happen

  The Grinch made his heart grow now he's nothing but a peach but that is not

  The case for me I'm just hechos I molest rape and kill these lyrics then I stick em

 On these tracks and you pump it into your head remember that when your laying in
Bed with nothing but headphones on you better watch out that's a rap hechos out.

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Arabas Perception

Hi guys I'm a young rapper this is something I'm working on give me some feedback on word play thanks have a nice day