Poem -

Shadow tells me

Shadow tells me

I really need to work today, my shadow tells me not to,
He lures me into McDonald's, when my heart craves soul food. 
I have forgiven the man who robbed me, I let him run away,
My shadow was pissed about that, and ignored me for a day.
The darkness inside me is fighting the light, my shadow the instigator,
He wants the darkness to win, and save the light for later.
My wife is good to me, she loves me dearly, but shadow begs for cheat,
I was at a party, and remained faithful, the shadow left for a week.

When he returned he grabbed my neck, and made me yell and scream,
I felt his claws digging deeper, a very gruesome scene.
Why did shadow want me to change? I thought I was doing well.
I then found out I'm destined for Heaven and he wants me to go to Hell.
He whispered in my ear, and told me grab the knife,
He then said; "Slit your wrists, you will die tonight."
I fought the urge as hard as I could, the pressure got stronger,
Still sitting in the dark, knife right here, pain enduring longer...

I fought the urge to cut myself, the shadow didn't win,
I turned my life over to God, and dispersed with common sin.
I focused on love, started going to church, overall life was better,
I still felt a hint of darkness, but I thought it didn't matter.
Little did I know, that all it took, was one small mistake,
To let shadow overrule my life again, tearing down my gates.

Years went by, life's been cool, I'm hanging with some friends,
They pull out a small white bag, and say; "Let's get it in!"
I didn't know that they had coke, or even that they'd use it,
I was always scared to try, with fears that I'd abuse it.
"Just one time, it goes like this!" They show me how to snort,
I give it a try, then about three more, now my life's distort.
I sold my car, I sold my house, all for another fix,
My life has spiraled out of control and shadow loves this!

People now say that I am at rock bottom, but I don't think it's that bad,
I mean yes, I no longer have teeth, and of course my breath smells bad.
But me and shadow are best friends now, don't try to make him leave!
If you attempt to turn me good again, Ill just bob and weave!
Darkness is my life now, killing is what I do!
I'm happy with my life right now, you should let shadow in too!
My hair is grey, my life's a waste, but at least I had fun!
My wife left me years ago, but my shadow is who I want!
I'm good at robbing, good at lying, I take things for free!
The good news is I can still go to Heaven, well, that's what shadow tells me.