Poem -


What is this a mirror image
which is broken within 
Feelings that been buried
deep within my soul
A soul that has been shattered 
a soul that has been broken
Faith has played his hand
Within my life

Tears stream down my
pale white cheeks
That stained the white 
silk sheets upon my bed
The screams echo within
my fragile mind
Making me feel lost in
the black velvet night 

I could smell the foul
odor of decaying bodies
That linger in the black
midnight hour
A soul that is broken that
death has long awaited
And the time shall come 
within the midnight hour

Oh dark prince of the 
midnight hour
let me have peace or
I shall forever run
Time is slowly ticking 
as I try to mend my soul
To repair the shattered 
soul I lost within

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