Poem -

~Ship Wreck~

~Ship Wreck~

Wraiths and windswept shadows trawl,
Briny spume upon decks and sprawl,
Murky waves hide aquatic,
Monstrous eyes and tentacles sporadic.

Gloomy breadth tempest black,
Wraps its limbs seldom flack.
Mast and hull to smithereens,
Rocked and dragged beneath dark saline.

Lightening flash echoes in view,
Gigantic squid below in spew,
ink as black as night and tweak,
Pulls and decimates with its beak.

Cadavers sink and sailors dive,
Clutch to splintered wood in strive,
Capsized vessel upon the ocean floor,
Squid in vanish tarnished in cruor.


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