Poem -

Shrouded in darkness

everything is going to be alright just hold on tight
even when the shadows have gone away and there is no light
just hold on tight everything will be alright
when you have lost your way and theres nothing more you can say
just hold on tight you will live to fight another day
someday you will see the ray of light everything will be alright just hold on tight
dont give up the fight when your head is a mess just rest
life puts you through these tests to make you strong
theres nothing wrong in falling but dont give up the fight get back up
life isn't always fun and i know some days all you want to do is run
just dont give up the best is yet to come
just believe and you'll be surprised with what you can achieve

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Quixotic Tin Hat

Great inspiration piece!

Although  after what I been through,... I should feel like Superman,...

Q.  ;)


Never give up, there's a story to be written, the fun part is finding the words ❤️ much love Deano

Tony Taylor

Interesting that your title is so juxtaposed to your intent....... a very encouraging piece of poetic prose!!......ALL STARS!!..... well done.... and.....WELCOME to COSMO!!.......LOVE & ROCKETS!!.......T xo

Simon Bromley

Once again well done.  You're right in everything your trying to say.