Poem -

You Have The Power!

Better have your sword ready at the sheath because when all is well life will kick you in the teeth!
when you think everything is going splendid!
its actually ended!

we're always mending and defending these battles that come our way!
but hey its just another rainy day
don't let it stop you from play!
we play this game of life
don't let strife take ahold!
because you choose your mould!
so behold the person you wish to be because that person is me.

Don't wallow in dispire! choose the path that is rare to take!
everyone's saying its the hard one to make!
but when you begin to believe you realise your true power

you have the ability to blossom into a beautiful flower!
you have the power!

do you want to feel sweet?

Or sour?

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Tomass Mencis

It's mountains beyond mountains! Gotta go down to reach the next thrill, the next peak! ;)