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Sid the orange Parrot

Sid the orange Parrot

It’s past eight o’ clock and I have had a very busy day tho mind you I’ve had a brilliant blast I really gotta say
Sitting in the back of my good friend’s car, she took me for a drive out not too far
Well I wasn’t planning on creating another poem but as I sit on my sofa in the comfort of my home
I picked up my notebook and my black ballpoint pen and “Hey presto” it’s here I go again

Now then let me think what on earth can I tell you that will make you tickled pink ? What about the buzzy bee that I found in my jar of honey ? I spread it on my sandwich and swallowed it that wasn’t funny :(
Oh did I tell you about my best friend’s parrot it swears like a trouper and is as orange as a carrot
I was sitting in her house only yesterday and when I heard profanities I looked the other way
Talk about foul language well what a filthy tongue, it kept repeating the four-letter word when sat perched on it’s rung

So my friend got embarrassed and she shouted “SID THAT’S ENOUGH!!” then that dam bird totally took the huff 
Well not before it gave her a peice of it’s bird brain it looked at her and yelled “SHUT THE FXXX UP” again and again 
Eeh what a nightmare there is no way I would have a bird, mind you when you think of it, it only repeats what it’s heard 
I reckon it’s not from my friend it will be from her Dad coz every other word that he utters is blastpheming and bad

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