Poem -

Silent Traveler

Silent Traveler

The wrong things 
lived in me quietly..
As time passed 
they grew widely
And In it's silence it became 
lost and wildly.

Time passed 
and so did people 
around me. 
I was left to remember 
the things they hated 
about me. 
Living in humor 
and not been a funny man. 
I Just hid from rumors 
pread by men

Guilty is not for royalty,
If so then 
I am poorly poor.
"To the heavens I say 
then father im yours. 
And from my best 
to my worse 
It's honesty and loyalty 
my offering curse. 

Poison from a person 
will always come in portions, 
and each one 
a different deadly potion. 
When going for walk , 
or just taking a stare, 
and no talk" 
that's moving in caution. 
Never truly ever feeling certain..
 kisses with hugs and making love 
only brought reassurance 
of one day again 
watching how everything is gone... 
and again the soul and me 
are not one anymore. 
The bond was bound 
to no sound 
and from ever been found.

Emerging towards remembering 
what I miss the most. 
And always coming to a end 
were my heart says how come 
I didn't die first. 
Now I see things, 
that then" I could not speak. 
But dying last' 
is the only time 
when you come first. 
If you can see' that your life, 
lived the longest. 
Then regardless of how less 
the rest put you far from best 
the test will rest 
in the nest of your mess.....

Why" did " the" what" when" who" went"  and where "
If You for I" when me"  the man" is he" and here"
For her.

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Thank you so much sister poet 😊💙
I really appreciate those words so warm and motivational ...
.........God bless sister poet