Poem -

Sinner or Saint?

Sinner or Saint?

Holy hell!
You're under my spell,
A lustful poison,
A latex dream,
I seek men!
I am your friend,
A dark desire,
I am the fire,
I want to hear you scream,
Whips and chains,
I'm going to give it to you!
I am the pain,
You don't get to choose!
Feel the tightness of your skin,
Smell the stench of running blood,
Get on your knees, this is Gonna be Good!
Dressed in my dirty habit,
I'm a devil sexual cocktail,
A religious sinner and saint!
Come with me God will have to wait...

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Being Me

Very good! Such a kinky write! x

Marion Price

Love the urgent pace...fast furious and very naughty...😍🤩