Poem -

Sitting in purple

Sitting in purple

Sitting here in purple feeling blue
Were the words you said really coming from you?
Did I have you so wrong?

My heart is like a wounded bird
She struggles to fly
My Soul tries to make sense
Of nonsense

Lying here cocooned in purple
Listening to the howling of the raging winds and angry tide
Turned against the Lighthouse

Again I thought I knew you
Oh foolish Me
Who bares her wounded heart so freely
In forlorn hope of redemption 

The pain cuts through me
Like a knife through melted butter
I struggle with the Light of Day
Buried in a sanctuary of purple 

Bleeding hearts
You told me I meant nothing
I've heard that so many times
I almost believe it

Sharpened knives hack at my elusive security
Black hoods descend like the hangmans noose
I am again the sacrificial goose 
Willing victim offered to the altar.

My fragile sense of self dissipates
Like smoke curling into the early Autumn sky
I Am yet have no sense of why

Tears roll from my black ringed eyes.
Crystallized emotions  dropping from my eyes
I'm lost on the shipwreck of my lowly self esteem
I'm devoured by your words and what they truly mean

Lying here in purple feeling blue 
Lost Soul once again seeking redemption 
And a World to make anew.


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Tony Taylor

Hi D.D.!!......wow!...this is another of your deeply soul searching pieces that delve quite poetically and beautifully into despair and alienation...... the repetition of yourself being torn to pieces and reborn works well throughout and offers up hope ~

                ~ "My fragile sense of self dissipates
                    Like smoke curling into the early Autumn sky..."

You definitely have a gift for wielding words!!.......ALL STARS!!...... intense stuff dear poet sister!!......LOVE & ROCKETS!!.......T xo. : )

Djangos Daughter

Thanks for reading Tony and your deep insights into my writes. Much appreciated. DD X 

Djangos Daughter

Thanks for reading Kieran. Very much appreciate your feedback. DD X 

A Lonely Journey

Wonderful writing. Beautifully penned piece of art. 
Life is such a confounding thing, and often makes us feel small, and alone, and a lot of times people don't help much. You really captured all of those emotions wonderfully. 
Great job! 


Djangos Daughter

Hi Matthew 
Many thanks for stopping by to read my piece.  Very much appreciate your time and feedback. DD x

Nigel Cresswell

DD, this is very sad and beautiful. I I really think you need to find some wildwood's and get back to Gaia. I think she misses you.
Love this DD, 


You deserve to win this month's competition with this. Congratulations. A wonderful piece. 

Djangos Daughter

Many Thanks for stopping by my page to read. Much appreciated. Thanks for your feedback. DD