Poem -

‘Size zero’

‘Size zero’

She is too fat, She longs to be thin
She hates the person she is within
She hasn’t the confidence to speak out aloud
She is an individual lost in the crowd

Unhappy in her perfect body
So distressed in her inner self
Sat in the corner on the lonely shelf

Fighting with her will to eat
As hungry as can be
There’s demons in her head
Oh if she could only set them free

But they are out of control
They are powerful & strong
Overcoming her wisdom
Allowing her thoughts to be wrong

A troubled teenager at a confused age
In denial with the truth
About her true size gauge

She looks in the mirror
yet she fails to see the truth
She sees an obese reflection
of an ugly youth

So she refuses to eat
thinking that will make her thin
Tho if she loses more weight
She shall be as thin as a pin

A cruel illness with an ability
to manifest the unkind
Just like a plague of locusts
Infesting her mind

She isn’t alone in her constant plight
In a world of magazines & media
Showing that ‘Size zero’ is right

Anorexia Nervosa,
A mental food disorder
With it’s dangerous determination
to cross that ‘Size zero’ border