Poem -

Sizzling Sausages 🤣

Sizzling Sausages 🤣

Sizzling savouries frying in my pan
A mighty, meaty morsel for any hungry man
Thick, pork sausages scorching golden brown
Being careful not to overcook
I turn the heat down

Sliced shallot onions sweltering in a pot
Along with sausage sandwiches
That will hit the spot
Cool the sausages down abit
Coz they are extremely hot
Cut them in two halves
Making sure you use the lot

Lay them on cut bread 
Add the onions on the top
Choose your favourite sauce
Drop it on with a plop
Relish, ketchup, mustard 
Any one of these will do
You can use the whole lot
Whatever really suits you

Enjoy your sausage sandwiches
Lets hope they tasted very nice
But if you fancy something different
Add a teaspoon of curried spice
Mind you only add a small amount
Becareful what you do
Too much curried spice
Will make you run to the loo