Poem -

‘Slugs’ & Cortisone🤪

‘Slugs’ & Cortisone🤪

What a funny fashion girls are following today
The latest trend  ‘Slug-eyebrow’ 
Gets overdone I’ve gotta say

Yet pretty girls won’t agree with me now
They have these mahoosive black 
Thick slugs painted on each brow

I am not easily shocked 
There is nothing left to amaze
But I look at lasses when I’m shopping
I just don’t get this weird craze

Especially the young girls
The ones that live in the city
Do they really think these garden pests on their faces look pretty

Well in my opinion they look odd
I have even seen slugs feathered
Next It’l be chains from their noses fixed to slugs so they’re tethered

Haha tho what will be next 
I can’t imagine what it will be
Tho there’s nothing in this world
Will ever astonish me

Oh what about those plumped-up lips
That’s another latest fad
Injected with cortisone
What’s going on ? How mad

Such beautiful lasses
Dressed up-to-date so chic
Yet ‘Slug’ eyebrows with colossal lips
Make them look like a geek 


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Jill Tait

Eeh but its true tho haha weird times!!! Thanks luv so much xx