Poem -


What loneliness  is it that  I
within this room do sit and sigh?
I hope to see a single  soul
A visit sure would ease the toll.
I used to have an active life and
Went around and lent a hand  
To help the people, those in need
I tried to do the noble  deed.
I always tried  to think of how I'd feel
If I too with these problems had  to deal.
And cared for them with all my heart
To make them very much a part  
Of life outside of those four walls.
Now I'm dependent on the calls
From family and just one friend
But she's so far and they soon end.
I hope one day that  I'll  be better
So in the meantime I won't allow the fetter 
Of this disease to change my mind
From believing clouds are silver lined.
I've learnt to find a way of doing just  the best I can  
With every task  and every plan
This solitude is but a way of having time 
Away from the vigour of the daily climb
To stop and think and see the light
Which within each soul is there so bright 
It means I have the time to read
And find the ways I can succeed
To spread some happiness  around 
And joy and positivity to abound.
I might so often be alone 
But there is no need for a sad tone
Because through  books I travel far
And read stories of courage which set the bar  
If they can persevere  through toil and strife 
Then so can I and make the very best  of life


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This is a brilliant piece of work ...very well written and descriptive .

Well done and many congratulations

Tony Taylor

Hey AMANDA!! ~ hope it's ok if I call you that?!.....I too was in the place this poem speaks of ......when I first joined Cosmo 4 years ago......I was bedridden because of an illness.......today I am walking around with a cane and recently got my drivers license....I never thought I'd even walk again.....but like you say in this poem ~

       ~ " This solitude is but a way of having time
             away from the vigor of the daily climb
             To stop and think and see the light...."

Good luck to you dear poet sister......keep writing.....you've got a way with words....and in the long run......they can help you......ALL STARS!!....well done my cyber-friend!!......hugs-n-smiles!!......T xo 👍👍❤

Amanda Bucci

Thank you Tony. Yes of course  you may call me Amanda. I'm so happy that you liked my poem and even  happier that you're a bit better now and can get  around. I have been using a walking stick but today my pretty pink crutches  arrived and I'm actually excited to use them haha! Now I can consider them a fashion accessory 😊 x

Cherie Sumner-Taylor

Solidtude can do wonders to the soul...a regrouping of thoughts....and not all a bad thing to have...a time of healing and understanding yourself....Very honest feeling write....xo  Cherie ;)

Olivia J. Wright

Warm Heart felt & relatable poem dear poet .. l too hope - you continue in  your positive frame of mind which has been a valuable learning curve -lovely write ✍️
Poignant words ..,
one day that I’ll  be better
So in the meantime I won't allow the fetter  of this disease to change my mind
From believing clouds are silver lined. x

Amanda Bucci

Thank you so much for your comment. I'm so glad you  found it relatable x

Amanda Bucci

Thank you Cherie  for your comment. It's scary putting my thoughts out into the words!x


I live in that solitude which is painful in youth, but delicious in the years of maturity.
 Albert Einstein


magnificent ink👏👏👏👏✍

Larry Ran

Dear Amanda,

Some see the partial sunshine
But others see the clouds
Some say "This day is all mine"
But others cry out loud

Life is but interpretations
The darkness or the light
You can spend your days complaining
Or reach each one new heights

Peace and Love,
Larry xxx

P.S.  I took the liberty of calling you Amanda, after seeing you gave Tony the okay too.