Poem -

‘Some holiday alright’

‘Some holiday alright’

Shuddering whilst shivering she sits down as she is told
A chill penetrates her tiny body, this metal seat is icy cold
They have missed the last bus with nowhere to go
Will they find anywhere to shelter to escape this heavy snow ?

She was with her Step Mother
who had visited a friend, her friend opened a bottle of gin
she had too many at the end
Well they had a fall out tho God know’s what about
they were meant to stay the night but it ended up in a fight

So penniless with no phone they sit around & wait, she slyly looks up at her StepMother who is in a right state
There’s smeared blood everywhere on her clothes & in her hair, but little Molly won’t say a word, she would not dare

What a plight to be in on such a wild winter’s night
They were meant to be having a little holiday, some holiday alright
“Oh thank the Lord” her elder shrieks with a quiver as she speaks “Oh Jim how did you know where we are” as they climb into the car

“Your best friend rang me, she said there was a brawl but she put the blame on you, it wasn’t her fault at all”
Never mind Molly thought, she walks through the door she knows so well
The next time she wants some company, she can go to hell


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