Poem -

“Something fishy going on”🤣

“Something fishy going on”🤣

We had kippers for our tea and tho they were very nice
before you have some kippers
I shall give you some advice 
Do not fry them in your kitchen
If you buy kippers for your spouse
Coz that strong smell of fishiness will waft through your house

You will smell it in the bathroom
It’s stench will seep through your walls
Right up the staircase adding fish aroma on your smalls
Then you will be wearing fishy knickers if you know what I mean
but people around about you may think you need a clean

“Something fishy going on” 
Your friends will be thinking
When you stand next to them and you are absolutely stinking
So perhaps grill your kippers outside on your lawn
then you won’t have any problem smelling just like a prawn 🤣

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