Poem -


I dwell upon the thoughts, I feel about myself.

I struggle to believe, I’m worth anything at all.

I question all things, I disagree to understand.

I’m always asking why, I am the person that I am.

I try to be someone, I know that I am not.

I feel I shouldn’t deserve, the life I’ve even got. 

Because sometimes, I’m just not strong enough to breathe.

Because sometimes, I just want my heart to fall asleep.

Because sometimes, my pain is to much to bare.

Because sometimes, I only suffer when all I do is care.

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Tony Taylor

Hello TIANA!!
This write is SCREAMING out 'DEPRESSION' between these amazingly well crafted lines of such unique/original candor as to be universally representative of 'so many' in this world who are dealing with their own struggles in life...... it is delivered like in an almost Anthem -Like fashion with some truly unforgettable phrases ~

                 ~ "Because sometimes, I just want my heart to fall asleep.."

Lines like that stand out and are VERY much a succinct summation of the intent of the whole!!......ALL STARS!! & PINNED!!..... because when you read this aloud..... it packs a serious wallop and brings tears!!..... well done dear poet sister!!.......LOVE & ROCKETS!!......T xo 🐧❤

Tiana Devlin-Sailor

Thankyou so much for your feedback and compliments on my way of writing. I appreciate and it really means a lot to hear what someone else thinks, to hear what you as a fellow writer thinks! 

It made me happy to be very honest and that’s the biggest reward in writing and in life itself. 

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared new writing content with Cosmo but I should be getting back into the drift with it and hope to show you all. 

Hope you enjoy this and the more that come soon. Thanks again for the kind words. :)


Cherie Leigh

Hi Tiana...This is so sad and honest.  I think a lot of people feel that they are not where they want to be in life, or have been hurt even though all they do is care and want to help others.  I have been hurt this way too.  I love how this is just so genuine and open.  Great work!  xo ;)

RRG (Rebecca)

Stellar. This resonates and sounds like it is in my head. Doubt can be so debilitating. Often I get stuck on "I should". Your write said it all so well. Blessings,

Tiana Devlin-Sailor

Honestly thank you all so much for your comments it inspires me to find my true potential. 

A lot of individuals in the world, including myself can easily go through some days, like they are content with their life and give of the impression that they are ‘happy’ or ‘doing well’, but sometimes at those moments only words can truly tell the story of the depth we cant feel discreetly. 

And for those who can read this and personally relate, just know there is someone who understands how and what you feel despite different circumstances. 

Thankyou :)

Marion Price

Universal agonies so poetically expressed....💚