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The whispers still spread
But the volume is low
Who will save you this year
None that I know

You started a riotΒ 
That spread through the world
The key to a box
That spilled out it's dirt

But the dirt drowned the voices
That spoke loud for you

You recede from the limelight
Still there

Out of view

But sweet dogs of YULINΒ 
From you I learned truth
And as you lie lost, forgotten
In the butcher's dark booth

Know that I love you
Each beautiful life
And when the butcher's come for you

Be brave, face the knife

You wrote me a song
I forever shall sing
The melody haunts me
The lyrics...my sin

The beacon that led me
Straight into the dark
You were also the flame
That ignited the spark

So I cannot save you
My sweet YULIN souls
But you live now in whispers
That bring change for the whole.
Be proud, be brave, be free
I shall sing your song forever.
(Marion Price) 2019
Stop Yulin
Stop dog/cat meat trade πŸ’”

🌹 It is estimated that at least 30 million dogs and ten million cats die in the dog/cat meat trade each year in china, Cambodia, Indonesia, Korea, Phillipines,Vietnam. These animals are kept in the most appalling conditions and are openly tortured for days in the belief the meat tastes better if the animal produces adrenalin before slaughter. They often have limbs hacked off, are bludgeoned, boiled and skinned alive, blowtorched  and electrocuted... anything to cause as much agony as possible. For the those who say it is none of our business...animals, this world and all that goes on in it is EVERYBODY'S business. We are all interconnected, we are one. Most of these countries have no animal welfare laws. If you wish to know more Google
Marc Ching and Liberty
Nami Kim
Michael Chour
and for those who may read this and wish to become more actively involved please message me for details of online activist groups 🌹



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Marion Price

Have replied to your private message SD ❀️

Marion Price

Yes appalling Lisa...most of my time goes into onlineΒ  activity concerning this issue..i know it's awful to read and lots of people won't for that reason...thankyou for reading...hope to catch up with you all on here soon..just not enough time!! ...xx