Poem -


I was in tears living in fear,
They judged me, left me nowhere,
completely shattered and disheartened.
I was jolly, mischievous and outgoing,
All of sudden there was so much ongoing,
Step by step a part of me appeared blurry,
I wonder why was everything in a hurry.
I was torn apart by the ones I called mine,
They were the ones with whom I was always on cloud nine.
Okay, they left me.
God makes connections,
Words are harsh than actions.
Sometimes, they slip out,
Hurt people inside-out.
I know I hurted your feelings,
But trust me my mind needs healings.
You are the one I trust,
Nowhere there was never any lust.
The bond that we have is pure,
If you are ever in trouble I will come with a cure.
Wrote this piece from deep inside,
If you feel me just forgive me and leave my stupidities aside.
You will see the changes appear,
I will change because you are dear.
So yeah, I am sorry and I mean it.