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Sorry...No Time To Play UNO With Dada!

Sorry...No Time To Play UNO With Dada!

Forgotten memory jarred
beholding two decks UNO
materializing from...thin air,
(Spongebob Squarepants nonetheless),
I vividly recall both offspring

as bubbly little girls
their most favorite card game
both daughters grown
into independent womanhood
(playtime verboten shunted aside,

they now chess attend Life)
relished with zeal
beating pants off this papa
feigned shock, when fingers
strained to the max

grasping bulk of cards
heard the word "UNO"
followed by profuse laughter
which round mirth
subsequently invited eager plea

to play board game "SORRY,"
outcome already predicted,
but yours truly,
he indulged revelling
giddy atmosphere,

and willingly acquiesced
arbitrarily choosing
least favorite color
arranging game pieces,
within designated starting place

half heartedly perturbed
nary a dice throw yielded
thee requisite number one
finally after Oracle of Delphi
bore predicted rout

with near defeat
meaning either lass
almost got all her "men" home,
aye cast die for numeral uno,
gingerly proceeded to roll dice,

a long shot ambition
to advance my four pawns,
and exalt with sought after
glee to edge ahead,
but lovely girls strategy
and motive (dispensing, donning,

trumpeting... retribution – payback,
when supposedly this “sir” mean)
uttered sinister laugh
as one or more selected
mine "men" almost home
happily sent back to start.

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