Poem -


Ashlyn Brena Rashirai


I crawl in bed and lay my head upon my pillow, with thought’s of the day falling away.Behind my eye’s your face comes to me with love, I can see your trust for me in your eye’s Your windows, I reach out my hand to you as you turn to leave me. I touch your hand you stop I move to face you to see your soul.

As I come to your face only for you to turn away again what are you hiding from, let me see, you tell me that you're worthy of love, you're not free in your heart, you don’t know how to give your heart away Pain keep’s you scared afraid to be open, fear has you frozen, I place my hand’s along your face bring you down to my eye’s look deep within your window’s to your soul.

I see your fear there holding tight to you, I place my lip’s to yours and breathe your air in, in return I breathe mine into you, with one deep breath your wall’s fall and a new feeling is replaced, Love is now within you I close my eye’s and kiss you good bye, sucking your soul.

You ask me to stay why must you go you say, I say I have gifted you, my love is now yours keep it safe, share it, love like never before, share the gift we are all giving, Now you're my soul mate.
I turn from you and walk away with joy in my heart, my love for you now is never ending, you will always carry me within your soul.

Now that my wishes have been granted 
every night as I lay on my bed, your thoughts begin to fill my head.When I fall asleep, in my dreams It is your pretty face that I see.With you my angel, life feels so right,Your smile fills my heart with delight.It makes me feel happy that I am alive.It brings joy in my life and soul

I always seem to want you by my side.I dream of the day that you are freed
so that my passion you can feed
My loins burn with strong desire
My heart swells with a burning fire.
The touch of your hand against my skin
Brings to my face a lustful grin
The thought of all the things we'll do
Your deepest desire will of course come true.
And with you i will reach to my goal
all because you are in my heart and soul.