Poem -

Sound of Silence :(

Sound of Silence :(

Oh how I wish I lived at the seaside
I could soak up the sounds from the shore
I wonder if my bothersome tinnitus
wouldn’t trouble me anymore

Listening to the roar of the ocean as the breakers clap the sand
the sheer volume & density of that 
should mask my tinny noises grand

Alas my home is in the countryside
Tho I really should never complain
Yet the hush & shush of the sound of silence
can almost drive me insane

I don’t have a problem until
it is night
but the moment I climb in my bed
I hear the tick & tin that I hate 
It dwells within my head

They do say that we all have a cross to bear
yes I know that some people have worse
It’s just that when I’m trying my best to sleep
there’s a generator that is a curse

An engine that changes it’s gears
It revs up in different beats
As I’m lying im desperation
smothering my ears beneath the sheets

Oh woe is me I’m having a rant
sometimes it does you no harm to moan
Ah well I’ll carry on like always
playing the brown noise app on my phone

A little speaker plugs into my device
It masks the tinnitus in my brain
Brown noise is a sound that is quite nice
Without this tiny app I’d go insane


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Terry Kay

Jill,. Oh the hardships of insomnia.  I can relate and love this piece!  I sleep with an old wave machine.  I tell my friends I have water front property in my dreams. Enjoyed....

Jill Tait

Thank you Terry isn’t it a nuisance :)