Poem -

Spanish Rose

Spanish Rose

Tis a blue posy I seek
Dewdrop slip petals sleek
Ravishing Spanish rose
Psalms to thee I compose.

Briar barb, bane to bear
Heady aroma kist air
Fickle deign mine dear
Pluck I, O’ thorny spear

If only, by happenstance
Consent upon twilit dance
Betwixt currents warm
Above torrid storm

Traverse to moon and star
Plush satin vales afar
Rapture beyond abyss
BegraceΒ aesthete bliss

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Tony Taylor

Hey DARKLY!!........this is poem dances right off of the page......once again, powerfully beautiful phrasing is employed with graceful charm!!........ALL STARS!!........ALWAYS a pleasure girlfriend!!.......LOVE & ROCKETS!!........T xo ❀🐧

Cherie Sumner-Taylor

Hi Lisa...This feels so dreamy, and I love the picture you chose.Β  This reads like a modern day nursery rhyme, and I mean that in the strictest compliment...I am always impressed with how tight you can write your verses, without one single word too many, but just enough to make it flow and get your theme across with vivid imagery.Β  Keep inspiring and charming with your work.Β  Absolutely lovely. I want some blue posies!Β  lol xoΒ 

Benjamin Goode

Sounds very much like spell of some kind, very creative :)