Poem -

Spanish Wine --- loves unexpected plan

i see your eyes shining through the Spanish wine
unfamiliar lovers beached on burning sands
crooked bodies washed in bridal tides
i see your eyes dancing in the Spanish wines
sinking between fates and fantasies 
lovers twisted into crooked broken shells
spilling upwards into the  voyeuristic stars

Dressed in tonight while tomorrow will scorn
i see your perfect singing soul through the Spanish Wine
look at our life's circling into this dream
decorated in perfect visions
each laid with touch and violent indecisions

i see your loneliest tears
wipe them with the sharpest sand
drawing smiles in futures shaking hands

i see your smile x

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Tony Taylor

You REALLY are a talented writer TERRY!! ~ I mean..

       " spilling upwards into the voyeuristic stars..."
WOW!!...... that's line alone is stunning enough.... but you've backed it up with a plethora of most excellent phrasing to take the reader precisely where you want them...... seeing..... through the Spanish wine.... and into the heart of love's magical wonderment!!.......I Love the way you repeat " I see..." at the beginning of phrases throughout this piece......ALL STARS!!.... well done dear poet sister!!...... LOVE and ROCKETS!!......T xo 👍👍✴✴😊✴✴❤
Ps. LOVE that band "HEART" .....hey, I'm a magic man..... smiles 😎