Poem -

sparkly skies

 I miss u more than the stars in the dark night time skies, would miss the moon,
if it met its demise....
if those pieces of moon cheese,
were blown to smithereens.... spreading the moon,
into near on infinite star like shards...
Pelting the skies with their night time strike,
no moon for e.t to fly past,
on that iconical bike.
No moon to light your path on a clear winters night.
Nothing to guide you,
till a near on infinite streak of light,
Spreads across the all the skies,
all around our world,
not just the northern lights, but East ,
West as well,
as their near on infinite sparkly colours spread and unfurl.
That’s how i imagine the stars to feel like,
They would want the moon back,
As without it,
There is nothing to reflect their sparkly light so bright. See if there were too many stars,
We would never know if is day or night,
As all our skies would remain ever bright.
See me,
I only need 1 conditional star in my life,
I’ve found it now,
And WOW,
All I see is a future with you, full of the brightest,
Most sparkly of lives! xxxx 

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