Spiritual journey

Eye opening

Spiritual journey

Thirty one 
My spiritual journey has begun.
Money has lost all of its meaning,
It's not wealth, that is making me beaming.
Pleasantly enjoying the time and space,
Watching my children play in grace.
All of this ignorance,
All of the innocence,
I have to make a difference.
Dont you all see,
None of us are free.
Instagram, snap chat,
Lets make a quick flash chat.
Take a deeper look,
Scrolling on news feeds, 
Planting new seeds.
Updating your daily status,
What does this gain us.
Phone addiction,
It's all fiction. 
Losing and trading hours
Forgetting all our powers. 
If all you had left was a week
Would you find that u could speak, 
Would you feel so weak,
Or would you finally seek. 
Answers for your existence
Then why do you remain this distance?
Stop! listen! feel! smell!
This world is not hell. 
We shouldn't be living in this way,
Everyone is living on display. 
Doctors use us as their Guinea pig,
They dont care, it makes their wallets big. 
Before money, Before technology,
Where is the apology?
Before every country had their say,
On how we play,
And what we pay. 
We all have an inner voice,
Mine is shouting, I have a choice!
I choose freedom,
None of this boredom. 
The universe is calling,
I'm no longer stalling.
The world will steer me,
I do not fear thee... 

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Tony Taylor

Amen CLAIRE!!.... almost reads like an anthem or poetic declaration..... or even self motivating call to arms!!......I like its strength...... especially in its closing lines!!....... well done dear poet sister..... and......WELCOME to COSMO!!......LOVE & ROCKETS!!.......T xo. : )

Marion Price

I like this Claire, I feel this way, probably most of us do but unfortunately, our bodies need food and shelter and clothing and that makes us fodder for the machine. I agree, humans have lost the plot or maybe we never found it in the first place!! 🌹


Really amazing . Very strong in expression . Too many people live in a hole , so to speak .., not even aware that there is more , thinking this is all there is . When you are connected to your higher self and shifted into a different state of being , all feels different . I guess some people feel so seperate from others and the universe that they don't feel a true sense of connection to the world around them . 


I loved this so much....much enjoyed...I hope people do start making a change in the world 

Edward Williams

Really great write. U got it across so good.also love this topic.