Poem -

Star Cross Lovers

When I look into your eyes
I see the pain deep inside
With tears of sadness rolling 
down your pale white cheeks 
Remembering the memories 
we shared deep within
We were like two star crossed 
lovers just like Romeo and Juliet

Your eyes were blue like 
the ocean rip tide
With soft red lips as soft
as a bed of rose petals
You had a glow upon your
face that lights up a room
Your skin was so soft as
the silk sheets we laid up on

But the years flown by as your
heart has turned into stone
With the love that you held was
slowly fading from your heart
You felt as you were slowly fading 
away into the wind
So you pulled a bottle and drank 
the poison it held with in

Holding you in my arms as you 
drew your last breath
As you slowly faded into a
deep and everlasting sleep
and whispering you are my Romeo
I kissed your soft gentle lips hoping
to taste the sweet poison 

I took the blade beneath
your silk pillow
And plunged the blade
deep into my heart
Watching this blood flow
from this body of mine
Waiting for the moment to
be with my sweet Juliet


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