Poem -

Starchild Part 2

Starchild Part 2

Another turn past
Here I am
As promised I'd be.

Yet you remain silent;
in self-defense?

The haze of clouds
For storms to come,
Blot the from
They beconned call.

To know you there,
Yet to thy sight
Be unseen.

A muffled reminder
Of time's hold
upon the lot.
—Fickle as it well may be—

Still I reach towards you,
pulsing strongly within thy breast;
We are as one.

Each apart
Of divinity's might,
Merely spoken
To exist.

In hopes to thee,
That may bring
Spring's awakening.

A truth that remain untold
A wisdom that soon taketh hold
Nurtured within thy spirit
—A vessel of righteousness—
Only to blossom, in peak
Of thy season.

A plentiful harvest
Well it may be,
for truth and honor
Be guests at thy bounty.

Thy strife to no avail,
For I speak not in tongues of man;
But of the stars

They reveal themselves to me
Seeking answers to man's delight
—Of self-destruction,
And selfish deeds
N'er to be unwritten.

More I shall still seek thee;
Through infinite realms
And realities,
Until thy glory shine brightest upon mine.

Tis another turn past,
Doth thou know me yet?

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