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I pray for my friend right now and hope he can find his way and his WHY


Your home has a consciousness, it has a mind of its own
You must clear up the clutter, do what needs to be done
You’ll create new energy, you’ll create a new wave
That will clear the negativity out of your way
Your home is your castle, a place of refuge
But if it’s filled with destruction and clutter, then you live in abuse
It’s affecting your mind, your body and spirit
If you don’t clear up the chaos, success won’t come near it
You must change your energy, change your state
Don’t live in destruction, because you will grow to hate
You won’t complete your mission, you won’t be able to move
Change your home’s state, or you’ll continue to lose
You are the King, you are the Queen of your beautiful home
Clear it up now, or you’ll walk through life alone
God gave you powers, God gave you a brain
Plan on how to make the changes. don’t let things stay the same
The law of attraction works with order
If you are living off balance, then it’s your soul that you torture
Make a choice, my angel, and take your life back
Because, until you do, you’ll start to see more cracks
 Don’t beat yourself up, we’ve all been there before
Get back on track, don’t take this anymore
If you can’t do it alone, reach out to your friends
And they will give you support, until the chaos end
Make a pact, but you’ve got to change
Rise up out of your rut, and get back in the game
There's only one way to go, that's your choice
Look inside, find your reason, and you'll find your voice.....

© Giggles the Poet  May 15, 2019

Mental illness affects most of the population.  The most we can do is continue to learn about it, and be there as much as possible for the other person.  There are many resources today that can help you more than you think.  You are never alone.....and never give up the fight.  You were put here for a reason......you may not know that reason right now....but it will show up.....HAVE FAITH AND WALK WITH LOVE AND LIGHT

Hello, my angels,  How are you thinking today?  

I hope you are all doing well.  It's nice to come back and visit, it's been a long time....but you're always in my heart.....I get to see my brother Tony on Facebook... lol which is where my Advice and Healing page is....as well as links to free Audios and brain training....

God knows we've been programmed for so long, it's gonna take a while to become the person that God put on this planet.....but, I'll never stop learning and working....and of course...he always blesses me with continual writing and new perspectives.....I am blessed...and so blessed to still be alive...

My friend sent me this the other day...and  OMG….I have been writing up a storm on what I'm learning, how I'm transforming...., I’m so grateful since I’ve been down with my second broken rib lol in my lifetime…..back and forth to the hospital with breathing problems, only to have some doctor tell me there is nothing wrong.....like where do I meet these doctors......one tells me my blood work is fine, but won't examine me....and the other sends me home on my second visit....saying there is nothing he can do....so my family doctor confirms it...and is pissed with the hospital....I'm just glad I have a good doctor in my life now..and I won't repeat the horror of what happened in 1985....

hmmmm….I couldn’t sell my body to science, there are no good working parts...lol
I had pneumonia a month ago, and was coughing so much my rib broke….so, being down again just after healing from breaking a vertebra….lol for six months...it’s been a trying year...nonetheless...God kept me busy learning and writing….
And just when I needed a blessing, I find this Feng Shui fest...webinar series for the next few days…...so, I thought I’d share this, because it’s life changing….in so many ways…..and it’s a reality check, and wake up call all in one…...in a good way….you’ll see things much calmer and with better perspectives….
God could not have brought this into my life at such a perfect time.
You'll learn so much from this, you'll feel like a new person. Take a big breath, and get ready to find the peace and calm you've been searching for. With just a few changes in your thinking, awareness, home and environment, you can make monumental changes that will benefit the whole family.
I'd suggest listening to this with the whole family.....and TAKE NOTES....BECAUSE YOU CAN PUT THIS INTO PRACTICE IMMEDIATELY... lol all I wanted t do was get up and start making changes, but I HAD TO REMEMBER I HAVE A BROKEN RIB,.......so I have to STAY CALM.....lol Anyone wants to come to help me.....hahaha
I wish...cause I need to make changes badly to my environment....and get my health back on track....my life back on track....been down way to long.....Thank God I had my studies and my writing.....and God kept me busy....lol I'm grateful to be able to share it with my angels....
Heal your energies make negative energies a thing of the past
learn to forgive, heal that energy
heal your relationship, or not
learn about your power and success numbers and how to use the in your environment
make changes to your bedroom to improve health and relationships
a few tips:
Bedroom: cover the mirror that faces a bed, as it drains your energy and brings you bad health and relationships, insomnia
BATHROOM: Keep the  toilet lid down - don't keep pictures of loved ones in bathroom-close the bathroom door your success goes down the drain
Living room - sit facing the entranceway - or keep your back to a wall-people won't stab you in the back-cuts down on losses-theft
OFFICE-clear the clutter-sit in a high back chair facing the door- avoids people stabbing you in the back and losses - disharmony with co-workers
Don't have the stove facing the sink-
don't have cactus in your home....
and so much more
I'm learning so much I think I'll continue learning about this, because it's good for the soul and spirit, especially dealing with energies. I read energy ao for me, this is a necessity, a survival tactic....lol I once lived in a large apartment building and I thought I'd lose my mind the energies were so bad....
So, needless to say, I moved....lol.....but I still have to deal with negative energies......
I've been writing up a storm as well, I'm so grateful that God is always here to talk to and figure things out going forward....I'm looking forward to healing and getting out, sharing my resources and helping people bring balance back into their lives........get rid of so much stress....
One day :)
TOGETHER...… share it with your friends
Make 2019 the best ever
Knowledge is power AND IT HEALS
I've read about Feng Shui for a long time and being spiritual, I put many of the things into practice.....this has been used for centuries and has been proven more times over.....
Have faith that you can create the life you want....YOUR WAY....BY DESIGN........SO, WHAT IS YOUR WHY
I'm ready to do everything I can to heal my body and mind.....I'll be like Rocky....lol back for round 3...
And unless you try it, how do you know it's going to work....unless you keep at it, how do you know anything? SO THIS TIME I'M FIGHTING FOR MY LIFE FROM WITHIN....and I have the universe and God behind me....
.. Feng Shui is more than good interior design and having space that "feels" good. When done right it can be one of the most powerful personal development tools ever.
• Attract more rewards for your talents
and accomplishments
• Reduce drama, conflict, and stress in your home
and workplace
• Learn and remember anything easily
• Have more friends and better relationships
• Let go of what is keeping you stuck
• Heal quickly from illness and injuries
Yes, good Feng Shui can result in all of this! And that's just a taste of what you will learn in this free online event.
Session 2
Feng Shui for Power and Wisdom
In this session, you learn how to use Feng Shui to increase your Power. As a result, you will:
* Have more impact with your actions, feelings, and thoughts.
* Feel safe and protected rather
than vulnerable.
* Attract more praise for your
talents and accomplishments.
* Radiate more power and confidence.
* Be in a more powerful position in your job.
You will also learn to increase your Wisdom, which leads to:
* Feeling inspired.
* Having others resonate with your ideas.
* Easier studying, learning, and remembering.
Session 3
Feng Shui for Love, Balance, and Harmony
You will learn what you have to do in your home to:
* Bring in Love, Balance, and Harmony.
* Have better relationships with your family, friends, and colleagues.
* Be more in love than ever.
* Be more outgoing.
* Be more open to others.
* Gain insight to make the right decisions.
* Resolve conflicts.
* Keep conflicts from escalating.
* Have a stronger connection between who you are and what you do.
* Increase peacefulness in your life.
* Reduce drama, conflict, and stress in your home and workplace.
Sign up and take advantage of all the things you'll learn for balance and harmony both inside, at home and at work.....Just with a few shifts
May you be healthy
May you be happy
May you be loved
May you be safe


Thank you, my angels,


for giving me strength......there are so many reasons


And a little piece of HEAVEN for your courage and passion for life



 this is one of my audios MAGIC FOR THE MIND......for calming te mind and helping you feel more centred


download to phone and listen with headphones......GUARANTEED to balance and calm your mind
Infused with frequencies.....good for the soul
Love ️ and hugs
Giggles the Poet
I love you, my angels, I'm always here for you
Wishing you a great life and mind journey :)
Giggles the Poet
Change your thinking change your life ;) :)


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Cherie Sumner-Taylor

Hi Brenda....You have been through so much..I am sorry you have been so sick,, and broke your rib....Bless you for always trying to post positivity despite your trials in life....You are a role model and inspiration.....Love n Hugs

Giggles the Poet

  Hello Angel thank you so much for your beautiful comment U2 are always so positive I hope you Tony and the family are doing well give everyone my love I’m just coming up for air after a month being down but I’ll always get back Up love and hugs back soon 

Giggles the poet

Giggles the Poet

Thank you my angel.  I appreciate your review...God bless, 

walk with love and light

Giggles the Poet