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🌈 Stay Safe

🌈 Stay Safe

Please can something or somebody change this crazy situation
Me no likey this here and now boredom with this new normality of realisation
Where there is nothing to look forward to with all our hopes and dreams in shatters and we are stuck in a solitude without the ones who really matters

Our holidays of happiness have fallen by the wayside 
There is no chance of us boarding an aeroplane and travelling far and wide 
So we are all in a lost limbo with nowhere and nothingness
Scared to step in the path of each other in fear of this dreadful infectious illness

Perhaps we took too much for granted before this landed outside our door
Nowadays we all want and crave the little things we had before
But only God knows how long this blight will last
And at the moment I can’t see a vaccination that will rid our plight real fast
So until the day comes and I pray it won’t be far away, stay safe out there and live to see another day

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Violet Freese

I second these emotions!! I am so tired of worrying about family and friends
and myself... I try not to listen to the news much because it was just making
the anxiety worse... helpless to really do anything but stay away from everyone,. All the places I used to be able to go for the bit of fun I did have..are all closed... It is like a  ghost town.. Now they want to just open up everything like the quarrantine did not matter.. confusing.. 
great write.. and i hope your wish is heard

Jill Tait

Aww Violet its such a strange silly position we are all in & dam I miss shoppin in shop n buying a top!!! Sick now luv Stay safe my precious poetic friend ❤️🙏🌈💗