Poem -

Stepping out of the darkness

Stepping out of the darkness

I spent my life in the shadows
Quietly creeping around
Trying to be invisible
And never making a sound
I managed ok at school
I tried to just blend in
I didn't achieve anything outstanding
Mrs average could never win
Then to work I went
not a ripple in the water
I quietly got married
Had a son and then my daughter
Years passed so quickly
In society I disappeared
if you saw me in the street
you wouldn't notice my mousy hair
I'm nothing much to look at
Just a plain Jane that's me
Going about my business
So ordinarily
Then the day I remember
The day that changed my life
Your suffering with Parkinson
And you'll suffer pain, anguish and striff
All of a sudden I stood out
I couldn't blend in anymore
I noticed I could paint
Right poetry and so much more
At work I have a gift
All of a sudden I now can reach
Other poor souls hiding in the darkness
how to cope, with life, I can teach.
You see I spent so many years hiding
I know my way around well
I know the dark places in their mind
I feel they're living hell
I shine a light and find them
Hold their hand and become a friend
Then I use my own experiences
To free them and help them mend.
I've now stepped out of the darkness
I feel the sun shining on my face
The lifetime of suffering
Will now not go to waste

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This is so beautifully  written an excellent poem indeed 
wow it is so special all the best to you angel 


So sorry that you have to go through what you are doing  but what a positive way to deal with all of this! Really admire how you have turned what others might have given up with, into a strong,forceful new lease of life and using it as a force for good..Well done, well written and thank you for sharing! Lodigiana x

Mandy Hoy

I realised I couldn't change my fate. But I had a drive to make a difference. When I discovered I could get inside someone's head with them and help them. My life then made sense.

I am currently working with a young man with autism. Who was sexually abused as a child, assulted and raped at 14 and 16 and gang raped at 28. When I realised I had done it and i made a connection, it was like winning the lottery. Words can't begin to describe the feeling. 
Given the choice I don't think I would go back now and change a thing. 

Thank you so much for your lovely words xx