Poem -

‘Stroke of genius’

‘Stroke of genius’

Oh bedazzling colourfulness captivating one’s awakening eyes
Your beauty is bewitching
A first flush of thy morning surprise

A glitzy golden garnish of eye-catching showiness 
Your flashes of multi-colour merges with the sweeping white snowiness

As Mother nature streams it’s morning sunrise 
amidst the crack of dawn sky
I am in an awe-inspiring momento
A sheer spiritualistic mirage in my mind’s eye

Ribbons of rainbow chroma streaks, stains & saturates
As your powerful depth of intensity
Undertones & illuminates

You shimmer as you sparkle
A flaming fulgurate
Shimmering pinks, shining yellows
An explosion, A burst out of coruscate

An unbelievable avalanche of Magna Mater, 
Land & Glory, Mother of the three
An immaculate ‘Tour de force,’
A sunrise of ‘Stroke of genius’ 
First impression sunrise we salute thee

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