Poem -



Four walls submerge me, 
Showing me the shadows, 
that dance and dance, 
craving and imploring my vulnerability, 
I join them. 

I’m cold, 
It’s so cold in here, 
The only thing here is a blanket of darkness, 
Should I grab it or should I freeze? 

The darkness shielded me,
Away from the fear, 
Away from the world,
Wrapped around my neck like a scarf, 
I choke. 

I fall deeper,
Into the welcoming shadows,
There I stay, 
Shattered and broken,
With a mind like mine. 

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Katina Woodruff...

Wow, I'm saying that a lot today while reviewing an array of poems here on Cosmofunnel. What I like most about your poem is that is flows like a lyrical poem. I couldn't help at the end of it, to wanting to keep reading. I think you could add on to the poem, to make it even better. Although, as it is right now, is a five star poem. 

Good work! 
Grade: A 


Hello, thank you very much! My account is AmberH117 if you would like to read anymore! 😊

Tony Taylor

Hello AMBER!!...... this is a fine début piece......I could feel the struggle conveyed here...... with truly compelling phrasing creating memorable imagery that shines.......ALL STARS!!...... well conceived and BEAUTIFULLY delivered poetic prose!!....... well done......LOVE & ROCKETS!!.......T xo.  : )