Poem -

Super stupid superstitions

When life gives me lemons 
I make orange juice
And have a screwdriver 
Hi kids I’m your new bus driver 
Going down on my girl like a scuba diver 
Hand me the pliers 
Pulling teeth outta liars 
Roars like lions 
No denying I’m demented 
Heads like a haunted house 
Every time I open my mouth 
Ghosts come  
I see clearly 
You’re trying to come up 
You told me you love me too soon 
I think you’re a dumb slut
Call it dumb luck 
I stole a dump truck 
With drugs in back 
I wanna put drugs in your butt crack 
These days I feel like fuck rap
Everyone’s subject 
Wondering why all these faces are facing me 
Looking perplexed 
I’m listening to songs you bust 
Same ones I hate 
Can’t tolerate you toddlers 
Adolescent typa rhymes 
Ammunition shell casings 
Laying outlines like inverted crucifix patterns 
I’m out there like Saturn 
Unless I’m in Uranus 
Do I kiss my mother with these lips
But only in Paris 
That’s French 
Shoving my forked tongue into her tonsils and she’s done 
Walking away from what scares me 
Like Donald trumps hair piece 
Hardly into politics 
Same thing with religion 
My god grants me immunity 
For every rapper I’m killing 
Blending in like a chameleon 
Competition can’t reach my ceiling 
My motivation is to move mountains and valleys 
Score crack and go crazy in the alley 
I got no allies 
Intelligence gets measured by 
Tests that are standardized 
Based on governments  ignorance 
Banging a bitch so well
She broke every fingernail glued on 
Gazed in her eyes 
And said its time to move on 
Excuses on top of excuses 
Pussys so loose it’s useless 
Don’t give two shits or one piss
In fact you can lick my nutsack
When it’s tucked back 
In my butt crack 
Christ I don’t have any passion left 
What’s after death 
Paid programming 
Reruns of the Grammys 
I don’t believe in awards 
I score everyday 
Snow hail sleet even if it’s raining 
You complain and cooperate 
With law enforcement agencies 
Teeth are the only way you’re getting id’d
Never say I do
Unless it’s about drugs 
Duct taping your baby’s momma to get your plug 
Cruel slow torture achieves the best results 
It’s all I promote 
Provoke teens 
To soak teachers in gasoline sneakers

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