Poem -

Surely Not Me

Surely Not Me

Ready or not,
Here I come.
I've gone and hid,
To have some fun.

I'm hiding in,
A crazy place.
It's dark,
But I suddenly see your face.

"You scared me!" I shout,
As my heart skips a beat.
I jump off the floor,
Back onto my feet.

"Why are you scared?",
This figure says to me.
"I'm only playing with you,
Why cant you see?"

The figure stands up,
It is really tall.
I take a step back,
I trip and I fall.

"You're not funny,
This isn't fun anymore.
You made me jump,
And fall to the floor".

This figure is watching,
Its lurking around.
I try to hide from it,
And not make a sound.

"Come out and play,
I mean no harm".
I hold my breath,
And try to stay calm.

I've hid now in a closet,
There's just one bit of light.
I'm not strong enough for this,
I'm not strong enough to fight.

It might not want to hurt me,
But I cant tell for sure.
Maybe I'm ill,
I might just need a cure.

Its all in my head,
It really must be.
I cant be crazy,
Surely not me.

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Christopher Correia

Hayley, this is interesting and I liked it, but I'm not really sure what it's saying, though the imagery is quite captivating, it certainly held my attention, good job cheers, poet


Looks like I’ve got a competitor in dark writing... great work here.


You are dark Hayley and I totally get it.