Poem -

Swallows' Return to Nest(燕归巢)

After the dripping of pearl-beaded rain,
dawn settles on the sleepy riverbank.

One's eyes sees the faraway bamboo forests
While the shifting of banana leaves form a chorus.

The cold winter used to sweep and form frosty domes
And the swallows of spring sing their longing for home.

As a small wooden boat goes past 
The willow-bark paddle casts
Splashes of crystal-clear water
Sprinkled with petals of blossom.

Drink a small sip of fragrance
Reminisce the past.

Sing, and hear your words
Bounced back by the mountain's mindful chords.

Letters from last year are read: "Dear..."
As eyes shine and there are droplets of tears.

Besides the riverbanks of dawn
One fawns.

As the mist clears
What could one possibly hear?

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