Poem -


techno blue

Let me go
where lovers cannot scream
lovers disappear as the morning kills the dream
places races moments growing
compartments of icy flowing
want to take my body
back to the christ
someone has mistaken me twice
elevate determine program
in violent depression
scanners patrol each skinny segment
sugary rotten
all the dismemberment
haunted in horror
borrowed that sorrow
crafted a beautiful misshapen gate
outside imprisonment
lost longing lose
fitted tight stretching today
wrapping the gifted night
fires are warming
as cold  decides the vein of innocence
flowing beside
corpse is waking
taking the singing rhyme
dated between stone
eaten on every vine

Strange humming silent
skull pink flesh listening
pain howling cutting divide
tiredness is today's suicide
medicated fracture blended distractions
shadow has eaten the dark
light is tonight

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Gerard McGowan

Your words jumped out at me, grabbing my tounge and painting the complexity of life in the form of dark art, I love this piece, it flows like fractured crystal that makes my heart bleed, I can't say enough.

Pinned this for future untangling.

terry terri ZO

thanx -though im bit distressed as after this piece I wrote what I thought was a better piece -and im my own toughest critic-only to press the wrong button and see 2 hours of my life vanish into the ether-thanks again-i know my work not liked by many -but we can only write what the soul spills-wish I was a better translator