Poem -

Tarmac Road Men

Tarmac Road Men

The bastards flash past us,
ย as fast as they can go
They just need to clip a cone our way
ย and it's to our maker we go
Motorists don't give a shit,
ย we're the enemy to them
But we're just here to do a job
ย all's we are,are road men
Things are done with safety in mind,
ย let us do the job we do
Let us get home to the ones we love
ย and they all love us too
We don't mean to be a burden,
ย to any passing car
But we are Tarmac road men,
that is who we are

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Edward Williams

Haha awesome dean I am also a roller man!! I work for clarks construction. Be way great piece i was working on one about ashfault that I never finished cuz no one cares lol but Iโ€™m gona get the pen back out and finish my poem about ashfault cheers bro good luck