Poem -

Tears and Projects

My mother so deliberately forced
Me, with my small torso
Into a deep whirlwind
That is not kind.
A painful matter.
A stiff batter.
A project.

Today I broke down
Brows knitted into a frown
Tears streaming down my cheeks
My weeps meek.

My mother sees.
Puts down her tea.
Walks to me.
"Stop crying!! If you keep this going, get out!"
She pouts.
I frown.
"I am tired and stressed", I try to say.

She takes a deep breath.
A yell emerges from her throat.
My heart drops down.
"I have so much more stress."
"You're just a terrible mess"
"Worse than a pest!"

She leaves
Refuses to help me
While I continue to weep
And stifle my sobs.

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You must not try to be too pure, you must fly closer to the sea.
Sinead O'Connor


I deliberately chose this artist's quote because what you wrote reminded me of her childhood..

fiction doesn't cut this deep, this was incredibly painful to read..🍁

Andrea Yang

Your quote touched my heart deeply. Thank you for reading!