Poem -

Ten Months

Photo taken yesterday at her Doggie Day Camp Super Bowl Party

Ten Months

Yesterday, it was exactly ten months ago, since we found our little girl;
At a pet rescue adoption center, our hearts and Souls unfurled!
For they had coiled in constant recrimination, about our two departed boys;
Wondering if we had provided them, with enough of their life’s joys!
It had been a little less than two years, since our Cody left our sides;
And a little over four years, since our Nico sadly died!
We were still in utter mourning, for our precious Angels true;
Missing them so very deeply, nothing could satiate in lieu!
But we started toying with the idea, of getting a brand-new pup;
So, we went onto the computer, and Cookie’s picture then came up!
All of a sudden, there was another Angel, she had just come on that day;
To be awarded to some good people, who wished to spirit her away!
We rushed to where they had her, arrived an hour in advance;
And sure enough, we were the first in line, not taking any chance!
The moment that we saw her, we knew she was the one;
To bring back the bliss of Nico and Cody, our new lives had just begun!
Ten months to the day
Since we found our dear Cookie
She brought us back joy


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Cherie Leigh

Awww...What a lovely pup she is and I am so happy you adopted her and have her to love.  It was fate!  I love dogs so much, and always will want to have one around.  They love and rely on us so much and teach us more than we teach them!  Give Cookie a hug for me...What a sweet story.  xo Love n Hugs 

Larry Ran

Our Dear Cherie,

You are definitely right, it was fate!  Nico's birthday was July 26th, and Cody's was February 27th.  Cookies is July 27th, too predestined to be a coincidence.  She has several toys, one of them being a monkey, which when she carries it in her mouth, brings Cody back to us.  She also lays with her back legs completely outstretched, just like Nico used to do.  She has brought back joy to our hearts and Souls.
Thank you for your lovely words.

All our love,
Linda and Larry xxx

P.S. Cookie returns a hug to you! xx