Poem -


A play with cliché

One would think that after all these years
I'd stop biting off more than I can  chew
But I still carry a bivouac plus one
And fill bigger than my shoe
I still punch above my weight
and always aim too high
Then go for a gutser
arse over tit;
trip upon my extra-long laces
and never make the hit
Am I beating the air?
Am I wasting my time...
crying for the moon,
dreaming for the sky
Why can't I settle for ordinary?
What drives me to compete,
as if I were a resident
in the Jones's neighborhood,
when you and I both know
that all I'll ever be
is a skanky ho?
But I will not do it
No Sir, I won't!
I won't surrender;
fly a white flag upon the mast
I don't care how far behind the 8 ball
I may seem
I'm gunna drive real fast
I will catch up and overtake
It's not a matter of if, but when

I'll get ahead,
you will see
And oh what glory that will be
when my ship comes in

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Cherie Leigh

HI Al...this is filled with so much angst...but I love the ending where the rebellious faith steps in that he will seize the day...when his ship comes in after all is said and done...  ;)  xo

al Bikaadi

I love those words "rebellious faith". Yeah, I may have a streak of that. Lol