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Testament...Commemorating The End of the Great War 1914 -1918

Testament...Commemorating The End of the Great War 1914 -1918

November morn
November Mourn
An end to all? To start anew?
A generation wounded through
Yet bravely fought  to win  and lose
With friends who died yet  remained true

In  trenches filled with mud and blood
so principled and honour filled.
Children  marching into hell.
Mothers weep for futures lost,
Fathers pride hides broken hearts,
 Whilst Countries tally up the cost

The  legacy  of four long years
Row upon row of regimented graves
With sorry bones  asleep beneath.
Shell shocked souls  eyes screaming fear
Yet silently a memory  to keep,
Two minutes for just once a year

Yet through the losses and futility
Lets not forget to show humility
For lives cut short for all our sakes
So despite all  errors and  mistakes
My thanks I offer from the heart
To every soldier who played his part


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Such a meaningful write and worth contemplating...thank you for sharing this Lodi 

Tony Taylor

Hey LO!!......this has such a great and appropriate tone to it......that most deserving melancholy for a tribute to those who lived and died in that war!!........although I have some idea I cannot completely fathom what it would have been like to experience 'Trench Warfare' !?......wow!......grizzly is a word that comes to mind......you have done a fine job delivering this A,A,B,B,C,C rhyme scheme to effective heights and conveying to your readers the importance of remembering those who served ~

            ~ "Yet silently a memory to keep,
                 two minutes for just once a year.."

And even if it's just briefly, we do honor their memory.......ALL STARS!!.....BEAUTIFULLY done dear poet sister!!.......LOVE & ROCKETS!!.....T xo 👌✴❤


Hi Tony..It's a strange thing isn't it..we pride ourselves on our freedom  which we should always hold dear..yet the means to obtaining that freedom sits heavily on my heart..Armistice day is always a day of mixed emotions..sadness at the  futility of it all, sorrow at the loss of so many young lives ..on all sides..pride in the ultimate sacrifice so many made  for the freedoms we now have. I can only pray that we will always be able to find a way forward peacefully that involves more 'Jaw' than 'War' ..Thanks so much for your words which are always such a pleasure to read..Your biggest fan! ( and poet friend)  xxx