Poem -

That Little Girl is Gone

You don't understand the beauty,
That lies on top your skin,
That travels right into the center of you,
I've noticed you never lift your chin,

From the freckles that speckle your face,
To the sweetness and love in your laugh,
You've thought of growing up too long,
And now you have, you want your past

The past where you jumped in the leaves,
Where you played in the sand all day,
That little girl has gone now,
But you wish it had stayed

The pain has been there for a while,
But sometimes you can make it stop,
As you start to turn the final pages,
You realise that you are going to come out on top

You've always been tough,
But sometimes you're not,
Sometimes you let them get it,
While others you just think a lot

You're hurt,
Right down to the bone,
And you never let it get to you,
You act like you're made of stone,

That stone is quite rocky,
And is about to break,
But you keep pushing through this torture,
And you don't know how much is at stake

Your smile lights up every room,
Even if you're feeling down,
You hold everyone above yourself,
And you never frown

Because the people told you to stand up,
To hold yourself strong and tall,
But sometimes you do need to let it all out,
And it is okay to be the first to fall

I know you think the world is against you,
And it feels like life isn't going your way,
How the weight is just being pushed down upon you,
And you don't know if you should stay

Life could be so much easier, 
Without having to worry about getting lost in my thoughts,
That little girl is still deep inside me,
In the sports top and basketball shorts

Yes that little girl was me,
And I believe none of those things are true,
But that's what they keep telling me,
I'll only believe it if it comes from you

As that little girl looks around,
She finally meets my eye,
She smiles and slowly walks away,
Without even a goodbye

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Tony Taylor

Hello ABIGAEL!!........what a VERY creative and insightfully poetic way to say farewell to the old self and recognize 'the coming of age' of your womanhood!!.......A fine piece of verse that rehashes and recognizes the value of your early experiences ......conveyed with a strong sense of rhythm and timing in your A,B,A,B rhyme scheme.......ALL STARS!!...... well done dear poet sister....... and.......WELCOME to COSMO!!........LOVE & ROCKETS!......T xo.  : )

Cherie Leigh

HI Abigail.  Welcome to Cosmo!  It is funny how when we are young, we never expect to grow up and can't wait to be adults, but then once adults, we want to go back to a more carefree time.  You express this tug and pull place well.  I enjoyed your submission...and look forward to reading more of your work. xo ;)   

Abigael McKelvie

Hey Cherie,
Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it. There will definitely be more to come :)