Poem -

That night in the bar

That night in the bar

I was sitting in the corner of my local bar
Just havin’ fun with my friends
I knew the night was over
I was walkin’ home alone
I didn’t want this night to end

Then all at once this stranger
Sat down next to me
I didn’t know what to do
He bought me a drink
And we talked allnight
This stranger it was you


Suddenly the world seems a better place
Its been so lonely on my own
& I’m hopin’ given time
You will feel the same
You are the nicest man I’ve known

So we met as arranged
On the very next day
You asked me out for a date
We parted with a kiss 
It was nothing we had planned
As we stood at my garden gate

Now ten years has made us older
We got married last May
We have a home to call our own
We are soon to be parents
I’ve a little one on the way
How my love for you grown


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Marion Price

I hope you have written the music to accompany?? Nice write my friend...hugs 💕

Jill Tait

I sang it luv got all 40 + songs just my voice haha on my phone voice memo xxx no dam backing music alas xxx