Poem -

The 2nd crush

The 2nd crush

Slipping through the secret door,
the hands are highly strung.
The rails collapse,
the air so cold - it brings spasms to your lungs.

Feeling for the freedom,
your space is all around.
Feeling like your space suit had never left the ground.

Turn the tap - a rainbow glow.
The flashing lights,
the land and snow.
The atmosphere ..
the ice so near..
The long lost fight...
theΒ crush..

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Silent Dreamer

Wow! You write abstract so beautifully, it's like entering a different world. Love it! πŸ‘πŸ½

Preacher Of Ete...

Thank you dreamer. Your feedback is priceless. I like to try my pen at many things. I try to work out where I fit. Feedback is satisfying and criticism more soothing than silence.