Poem -

The Bride Said No.

I said i do.
She said i don’t.
I said you will.
She said she won’t.
At us the vicar in disbelief did stare.
The embarrassment i found hard to bare.
She looked at me and said we’re through.
I said for me i believed your heart was true.
She said she has found someone new.
That’s when my soul turned deep dark blue.
The congregation at her did boo.
About her leaving me i did not have a bloody clue.
She left the church and disappeared for good.
I stood alone at the alter feeling like a clownish dude.
The vicar said son you must be strong.
Remember inside here friends you are among.
I knelt and prayed to the heavens above.
And asked to let me quickly get over my childhood love.

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